Energy Performance Contract


Energy Performance Contract (EPC) highlights 

  • A track record of over 10 years developing energy solutions and services 

  • Over 1000 EPCs in operation, with 40% at international level

  • Up to 30% energy savings

  • Cover for all types of utilities (heating, cooling, electricity, etc.)

  • A range of financing possibilities

  • A commitment to guarantee the performance

Key stages with an EPC approach



Defining an energy management strategy

  • Including setting up an Energy Management System and/or searching for an ISO 50001 certification

Auditing existing facilities

  • On-site audit: review of energy consumptions (requirements vs. intakes), operating (pressure, temperature, flow rate) and regulation parameters (programmed control systems), state of all facilities (ageing, operational issues, quality of repairs)
  • Shared construction of technical-financial improvement alternatives (including financing assistance such as “Certificat d’Economie d’Energie” and subsidies)
  • Investment decision, and validation of an expected net gain



Managing the engineering and construction project

  • Detailed engineering studies (with specialised software), taking into account regulations applicable
  • Sélection d’outils de suivi des équipements et de mesure des consommations, et d’une Gestion Technique Centralisée (GTC)
  • Selection of monitoring and consumption measurement tools, and a Technical Management System. Definition of Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs)
  • Consultation and assessment of suppliers and service providers
  • End-to-end project management through to full acceptance after clearing of reservations

Operating new facilities

  • Monitoring of energy consumption and EPIs
  • Analysis of alerts
  • Implementation of corrective actions liaising with the client’s maintenance teams



Guaranteeing energy savings

  • Energy performance dashboards
  • Financial contributions (sharing of gains, compensation for risk taken)

Optimal Lighting

Renovated lighting that combines comfort and savings


  • One-for-one replacement of fluorescent tubing and halide spotlights
  • Installation of LED technologies with features tailored to your site (temperature, flow, optics, concept, constraints, etc.)
  • To go further, advanced refurbishment of luminaires (type, layout, power) with 3D simulation


  • Investment taken on by GreenYellow
  • Guaranteed reduction in consumption levels
  • 4 to 8-year contract
  • Positive net gain for clients from the first month
  • Transfer of ownership of equipment at the end of the contract


  • Quick supplying, leveraging all suppliers on the market
  • Implementation in less than 7 nights* without any impact on site operations
  • Product guaranteed for the entire contract period
  • Reduction in consumption levels measured

* Average duration observed


Leasing doors

For chilled and frozen displays in convenience stores

Energy savings
Increased store revenue
Better product conservation
Moderne and environmentally-responsible approach
Extend your equipment’s lifespan

Our team

We have 40 people in France and 50 in other countries around the world to support you with carrying out technical-financial analysis and deploying solutions, leveraging a Design and Construction team and Operations & Monitoring teams. All of these people are internal to GreenYellow and work closely with GreenYellow solar production and energy supply management activities, to offer our client with a sustainable energy vision.