GreenYellow’s expertise: producing and controlling energy to generate value

Who are we?

Founded in 2007, the company employs more than 200 people in France and various countries around the world (Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Indian Ocean, Morocco and Senegal). GreenYellow is one of the few firms to have expertise across all the components of an energy bill: from decentralized energy production (particularly solar photovoltaic) to guaranteed energy consumption reductions (energy efficiency) and energy services (purchasing, energy consumption management and energy policy advice).

GreenYellow has successfully demonstrated its expertise with the implementation of innovative solutions


125 photovoltaic power plants developed, built and in operation

700 000 m² of rooftops and carports

150 MWc of installed capacity


5 000 delivery points (gas and electricity) monitored daily

2TWh of electricity and gas

180M€ of power purchases


1200 EPCs (40% outside of France)

600 GWh of savings guaranteed

623 ISO 50001 certified sites
(Energy excellence of sites in operation)

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